Who Are We?

This is passion project by a team of individuals who have made it their life’s mission in spreading and informing the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle to others. Our team is comprised of fitness experts from all walks of life who each have had their battle with an unhealthy lifestyle and vices. We want nothing more than to inspire others to attain a fit and healthy mind and body.

“Raw Power. Full Power. Full Throttle Towards a Fit Future.”

No gimmicks. Only results through hard work and facts!

 We here at Strong Muscle Growth has proven time and time again discipline is the key ingredient in achieving your dream body. Exercise, healthy diet and healthy living is the trifecta that you need to master. That is our mission and that is what you will attain with us at the end of the day.

Onward to fitness! One step at a time.

We understand that one workout routine might be effective for one person but not to the other. This is why we dismantle popular exercise routines to their basics and give you an idea of how to customize your very own workout routine. 

Welcome to Strong Muscle Growth!

We are here to help you succeed. We are not here to promise outlandish results in an instant. We are not here to promote gimmicks or fads. We are here to help you have the body of your dreams in a safe and effective manner. It might be an uphill battle but remember that every hard work will be rewarded once you reach the peak. Aim for that gratifying experience at the top, we will help you build that ladder but it is up to you to climb it.

What Readers Will Receive When They Follow My Blog:

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    Challenge yourself everyday with a myriad of highly effective workout routines.
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    In-depth advice from a team of fitness experts with years of experience.
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    Regular updates and reviews on the best fitness products in the land.
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    A veritable treasure trove of tips and techniques to get in shape.

Weight Loss

Develop a healthy lifestyle and die and bring the number on that weighing scale down to your desired digits.


Choose the workout routine that suits your lifestyle! We list the most effective workout routines as well as specific exercises for specific body parts.

Why Are We Different:


We focus on delivering you reliable fitness regimen based on proven scientific research.


Our highly trained team of fitness experts know exactly how to deliver the best results.


Our mission is for you to achieve your desired body, nothing else.


You can rest assure that everything we offer here is 100% effective and safe.

Diet & Recipes

My Customers

Tina A 

This website is a great source of information for health buffs like me. I’m always on the lookout for the newest workout as I like to try each one. I’ve jumped from one workout to the next and Strong Muscle Growth has helped point me in the best and most fun direction. I am genuinely thankful that a site like this exists as I get to be introduced to various types of exercise routines. Which is, by the way, a great help as I’m a fitness trainer myself!

Mila Ramirez

Planning my daily exercise routine has been an obstacle as I couldn’t stick to one that I was comfortable with. Fortunately, I was able to find the perfect workout routine thanks to the people at Strong Muscle Growth. They basically helped me build the best possible routine for me that I can follow and enjoy every day

Jonathan Smith

Strong Muscle Growth has been my one source when it comes to helping me choose the best exercise equipment. I don’t really know much about the features and advantages of specific the products but the reviews here thoroughly helped me know the ins and outs. It was detailed and pointed out the ups and downs which was great for people like me who need the devil in the details before deciding on a purchase.

Justin W.

Always had trouble losing weight but I was able to pinpoint the problem thanks to the people who run this site. My nutritional diet was a bit off which was why I had trouble losing weight. The advice I read here helped me develop a better diet and mindset. I’ve now reached my ideal BMI and it feels really good! Thanks a bunch